voiceovers for tv and radio

Hello, I’m Johnny Daukes and I’ve been doing voiceovers for TV and radio since the mid-1980s. At the time I was an editor and cutting a music show called ‘Rapido’. After one particularly gruelling session wherein I’d utilised about 30 different accents, the producer suggested I might be a good fit to voice a forthcoming show called Eurotrash. I was and soon after met a voice agent (Nicola Richardson, who I remain with to this day) and began voicing a variety of commercials and promos.

From then until now voiceovers have been an adjunct to (and been influenced by) my other occupations. Throughout the 90’s playing and singing in the band FIN, through TV and radio comedy production in the noughties with Hello I’m Jack BerryRadio9The Message and The Scanner to film production in 2011 with Acts of Godfrey, radio sitcom production with Cracking Up and most recently cutting feature films I’ve maintained a steady stream of voiceover work and still love the process of bringing a fresh and engaging approach to voice sessions. My experience as a musician, comedy writer and editor gives me a unique skill set and point of view as a voice actor.